“Do unto others…”: The latest in the Scott Warren case

As those of you who follow this blog know, I volunteered with the migrant aid organization No More Deaths in January of this year, and was present during events that led to the arrest of fellow volunteer Scott Warren. My friend Ken Froessel sent me this article from NPR with the latest on his case, which is set for trial in November.

Warren is charged with two counts of harboring illegal immigrants and one count of conspiracy to harbor and transport illegal immigrants. He faces up to twenty years in prison for providing humanitarian aid. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Warren does not deny providing humanitarian aid, of course, but has grounded his defense in religious liberty as guaranteed by the First Amendment. In a hearing, he told the court that his faith compels him to act when someone is in need. A true Golden Rule activist, Warren said to the court, “For me, we most definitely do unto others as we would want to have done unto us.”

By the way, as most of you also know, the Border Patrol took items of mine (my computer, external hard drive, cell phone, and journal) as evidence for Warren’s trial. I am now in touch with Warren’s lawyer and am inching closer to getting those items back.

Please keep everyone involved in your prayers.

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