Heading south to help the migrant caravan at the Mexico-Guatemala border

Patricia and I were having a quiet breakfast this morning when she got an unexpected and important message. She is a member of the Citizens’ Council of the Mexican National Institute of Migration. The Citizens’ Council is a kind of watchdog group dedicated to ensuring that the legally mandated human rights of migrants are respected by the Mexican government authorities.

The message was this: She and other Citizens’ Council members are needed at the Mexico-Guatemala border to protect the rights of members of the Central American migrant caravan that has made headlines in the past few days. So, we’ll be leaving early Sunday morning. While Patricia does her work, I’ll be helping out any way I can—most likely through providing humanitarian aid. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and do whatever is needed.

Click the link to this BBC article describing the situation. And please, keep us all in your prayers.

6 Replies to “Heading south to help the migrant caravan at the Mexico-Guatemala border”

  1. I bless you and Patricia for your loving commitment to help the migrants. There is so much need of this right now. My prayer and God’s love go with you. ❤️

  2. Thanks, Greg. Please keep us up. New version on the news a couple times a day, especially Trump’s wild, wild comments .
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