“My cup overflows with love”

We have all been saddened by the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, in which eleven people were killed. I want to offer my heartfelt condolences to everyone impacted by this horrific event.

In its wake, I’m inspired by the words of Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Meyers (the older man pictured below), who was conducting the morning service when the shooting occurred. Having seen members of his congregation gunned down before his very eyes, it would have been easy for him to respond with words of anger and vengeance. Instead, at an interfaith vigil the day after the shooting, he invoked the twenty-third psalm (“You anoint my head with oil. My cup overflows”) and said this:

“My texts, my emails, my Facebook overflow with love from strangers, people I’ve never met, people who are not from the United States, but from all over the word, Jewish, Christians, Muslims, all with the same message: ‘We are here for you.’”

“My cup overflows with love. That’s how you defeat hate.”

Amen, my brother. God bless you and the Tree of Life congregation, and may all of our cups overflow with love.


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  1. Thanks Greg for pointing this out. I also heard that a Muslim guy started a fund for the Tree of Life congregation. I believe he started it with the goal of 25,000 dollars, and the last I heard it was somewhere over 160,000. (not exactly sure of the numbers but I believe they are close)

    Great quote: “My cup overflows with love. That’s how you defeat hate.”

  2. Thanks Greg. So many hateful things have been happening in the world and seem to be increasing. My heart hurts, and I just want to cry. I believe that love is the only response that makes any sense in all of this, and for me the 23 Psalm is something I have invoked a lot recently. It is a powerful response, and a reminder that we need “fear no evil”.

    To see these hateful expressions and not to hate the haters is a big challenge though. Of course, the Course says that they are all calls for love. It is, in these times, hard to remember that! We must stand together, keeping hearts open to receive, and to let the love flow. May blessings of love flow to all. Keep the faith.❤️

    1. For those who study A Course in Miracles, I’m reading a supplement to it called ‘The Song of Prayer’, section 2 on Forgivenss. It is challenging, but so valuable when being confronted with so much anger, and hatred.

  3. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. We are seeing both darkness in the form of what happened and light in the form of all the people reaching out to help. May we all be part of the light!

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