3 Replies to “Vote!”

  1. The “ruling class” in the US are the majority non-voters. They decide by not deciding. In 2016, about 60 million voted for Trump, 63 million for Clinton, and OVER 100 million stayed home. These are registered voters. Imagine how democracy could flourish if all or most made their voices heard!! So, I’m with you Greg. VOTE!!

  2. I already voted with a mail-in ballot. It is not as fulfilling as going to a polling situation but I didn’t want take any chances. Whether or not the best outcome is achieved in this election, I realize the work ahead is to really practice and embody what it means to be an activist utilizing the Golden Rule–in the most positive and transforming sense of this mindset. I am feeling a spark that is beginning to ignite into a fire that will not be extinguished in the collective. How is it catching in you?

  3. Thanks for your kind responses, Janet and Ken. The results were a mixed bag for me. Of course I’m glad the House is in Democratic hands, though I wish the margin would have been greater. Alas, though, the Senate. I really wish Beto would have won. And still keeping my fingers crossed for Sinema in Arizona. Well, whatever the results: persist!

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