Day One in Tijuana

It has been quite a day! It began with prayers at 6:45 am, followed by a quick breakfast and a short drive to the Desayunador Padre Chava. That place is a well-oiled machine: We served over a thousand people in a few hours.

Most of these people actually weren’t members of the caravan, though certainly some were. I’m told that the Desayunador was packed with caravan members when the government-designated caravan shelter was nearby. But since then, the caravan has been moved to a new shelter about ten miles from the border. I hope to visit them at the new shelter while I’m here.

As you can see from the pictures, today I was the tray man: I put plates of food on trays and took them out to my fellow volunteers who placed them on the tables. We had to work fast. And the people we served had to eat relatively fast as well. I don’t mean that they were pushed into stuffing themselves. They simply had to eat without dawdling and exit immediately after, because there was a huge line behind them. It was quite the operation.

Tomorrow we begin again. It was a very gratifying and enjoyable experience, and I look forward to doing it all over again!

• • •

P.S. My room is spartan but comfortable. And it happens to be right across the road from the infamous border wall, er, fence. Here’s a picture from my window:

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