Welcome to 2020!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Patricia and I spent the holidays in Guadalajara with her family. Two bits of news to report. The first is very good news: After close to two years, the Border Patrol has finally acknowledged that it has my computer! I’ll be talking with them shortly about getting it back.

The second bit is on the lighter side, but hey, not everything needs to be about serious issues. 🙂 Patricia’s sister Coco (with whom her daughter, Marina, is living) got a new addition to the family: a sweet and crazy kitten named Janis (after Janis Joplin). Isn’t she a cutie? In this surely very eventful year to come, I trust that she’ll remind us to set our troubles aside and have a little fun now and then! 😺


2 Replies to “Welcome to 2020!”

  1. I don’t know Greg, Janis looks a little worried to me. I’m seeing some smoke in her eye. But, she’s definitely cute.🥰
    I hope for the quick return of your computer.
    May this year be filled with the best of all possible experiences for you and your family.

  2. LOL, Mary Ann! I didn’t take the photo, so I don’t know what Janis is looking at there. She does look a little spooked.🙀 Thanks so much for your well wishes. Patricia and I wish the same for you and yours!

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