A new beginning in these strange times: Teaching English here in Mexico

Hope everyone is doing well, given the strange circumstances we’re all living in with the COVID-19 pandemic. I know that many people are getting hit hard, and if you are, my and Patricia’s love and prayers go out to you. We’ve been reaching out to those around us (following all the preventive protocols of course) to give what help we can. As I said in my last post, let us all be angels for each other.

Fortunately, we are doing okay ourselves. We are hunkered down at home, working online and binging on Netflix like so many others. Thank goodness our financial situation is okay. That being said, it could be better, and so I’m glad to be embarking on an exciting new venture: On Monday, I’ll begin a training course for a credential to teach English as a second language here in Mexico.

I had already decided to do this before the whole coronavirus situation erupted. I’m still working with Patricia as a kind of research assistant and advisor for her work on immigration issues, but I wanted to also find some engaging work of my own that would bring more money into our little household. As long as I’ve been here people have been asking me for help with their English, so I thought: Given my teaching experience and love of the language, why not provide that help for lots of people and bring in some extra income at the same time?

So, I contacted our good friend Janet Wilson, who lives here in Xalapa and spent many years teaching English at the local university language center. She pointed me to the organization that trained her: a University of Cambridge-affiliated organization called International House. Among their offerings is a course for attaining a highly regarded teaching credential called CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). Long story short: I applied for this course, got accepted, and now I’m ready to begin.

Originally this was going to be an intensive live class for a month in Mexico City. But of course with the pandemic everyone is scrambling to move as much as possible online, so now I’ll be doing an online version of the course from April to June. And on top of the CELTA credential, they are offering an additional thirty hours of training to obtain a new credential called the Certificate in Teaching English Online. This is a nice little bonus. The field of online teaching was growing even before the coronavirus hit, but now it may be the wave of the future. And I certainly like the idea of teaching classes from my home office in Xalapa.

This is a new beginning of sorts for me, a new direction that I hadn’t anticipated. But I’m excited about it. I have a feeling that I’ll be good at teaching English, that I’ll enjoy it, and that I’ll be providing a valuable service to the many people here in Mexico who would like to open the doors that knowing English can open. Wish me luck! 🙂 And everyone please keep safe and healthy in these strange times. God bless you all!

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  1. Greg, I was there when you decided to join up with Robert and the Circle of Atonement. I remember seeing you and hearing you talk to him, after a retreat in Lake Oswego, (where I still live). I watched you grow and mature in the Circle and become an inspirational teacher there. And now I see you continuing to follow a thread that draws you ever forward into new and fulfilling adventures. I honor you as you follow the Light that leads you forward. May your way be blessed.

  2. Best wishes to you on this new endeavor! The form of what we teach is just a vehicle for the real teaching of Love that we all are. Many blessings to you and to Patricia.

  3. Knowing you are being guided in every aspect of your life it is the students you will guided to teach to that are the lucky ones. Peace, blessings to you and Patricia and stay healthy.

  4. Your students will benefit from you as a teacher on so many levels. Congratulations and may blessings flow in everything you do and with everyone you teach.
    There is no telling what the world will be like when we get through these difficult times, but perhaps we will all be joined in love and mutual support.
    Borders/walls are not impediments to love which has no boundaries, no limits. 🥰

  5. Great news Greg. I am sure your future students will be blessed by you in many ways, teaching on many levels, and providing an example of light and love. Sending much love to you and Patricia.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments, everyone! 🙂 I’ve just finished my first week of class. Very intensive, but that’s just how I want it, since that’s the best way to learn. Really enjoying it!

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