I’m halfway there, livin’ on a prayer

I have officially reached the halfway point in my ESL teaching course. I’ve completed two of my four required written assignments and four of my eight required teaching sessions. I’m happy to report that I’m doing better in my teaching sessions every week. My tutor gave me “meets the standard” grades for my first two classes (a worthy grade that means I taught a good, solid class), but gave me “above the standard” grades for the last two. 🙂

A PowerPoint slide from my last class

Now, though, I’ll be entering uncharted territory: for the last four classes, I’ll have a new tutor, a new group of students, and a new online platform. The change in tutors is what normally happens at the halfway point. The change in students is also standard, and I’ll now have the challenge and opportunity to teach a group that is less advanced and therefore needs more help. As for the change in platform, we’ve had so many problems with the platform we’ve been using (something called Vedamo) that we’re switching to Zoom. Not hard to use I’m told, but it’s an additional challenge to learn a new system after you finally got used to the old one.

Well, no worries! Teaching is always full of unexpected twists and turns, so it’ll be good to have a new collection of challenges. The course is very time-intensive and I’m a little tired. But I only have a month to go, and with God’s help I’ll soon reach my destination. I truly am, as Jon Bon Jovi sings, livin’ on a prayer. 🙂

• • •

P.S.: When I’m not busy with my course, I’m still playing my other role as assistant and advisor to my partner, Patricia. She’s immersed these days in the thorny situation of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on migrants in Mexico, and I’m lending a hand when I can. Follow the link to an online talk she gave this week (in Spanish) called “Pandemics and Mobility: Reflections from a Psychosocial Mirror.”


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  1. Bravo, Greg! I know you are going to be an excellent ESL teacher. And my best wishes to Patricia for the good work she is doing.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Greg. I have a lot of faith in your aptitude and ability with language (among other things). I expect this will be a very good tool for you to support yourself in a reliable way, which will be ultimately easy and rewarding for you. I am really impressed with your power point. Was that required? I didn’t know that you could draw. Thanks for keeping us up to date, and may this preparatory experience become easier and and more fun.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments, everyone! My next class is tomorrow (Wednesday), so I’m hard at work preparing it. Barb, my PowerPoint slide is a picture from the course book we’re using—I can’t draw.:-)

    Patricia sends her love to everyone!

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