My final night in the neighborhood

Done! With a big assist from my hero Fred Rogers (the subject of my listening lesson tonight), I finished my ESL teacher training with flying colors. All that’s left is a Saturday morning meeting on employment opportunities followed by an online fiesta.

As Fred Rogers said via video to my students tonight, “The greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know that they’re loved and capable of loving.” That’s what I want to remember going forward, whatever ESL employment I end up pursuing. I look forward to many more opportunities to give and receive love as my journey continues. But for now…time to rest! 😴

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

6 Replies to “My final night in the neighborhood”

  1. I so appreciate Fred Roger’s thought that we are not only loved but also capable of loving. Sometimes I forget how important that second part can be.

    Thank you for your sharing and loving at this start of your new adventure. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Greg.
    I love Fred Rogers. He is one of my hero’s, and a terrific example for how to be in this wacky world.
    Enjoy your well earned rest.

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