Elementary 1 is done; Elementary 2 begins Thursday

Tonight was the last night of my Elementary 1 English class. It was a great class. Patricia gave a talk about her journey from a Mexican high school girl in a beginning English class to a woman who turned down Oxford and got a Ph.D at Northwestern. An inspirational talk for young people making the same journey. After that, I talked to my students individually to give them progress reports—all excellent, I’m happy to say.

Onward we go—and very quickly. All of my current students plus two new ones will be on hand for Elementary 2. It begins Thursday. Well, at least I get one night off. 🙂 We’re all looking forward to continuing the journey!

6 Replies to “Elementary 1 is done; Elementary 2 begins Thursday”

  1. Greg, I feel so pleased that these classes are going so well for you and for your students. Best and warm wishes for your next class!!

  2. Thank you, Greg, for continuing to share your journey. I love getting a glimpse of all you are learning and offering others. You and Patricia are such shining examples of how we bring our light to the world. Thank you.

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