On to Elementary 3

I haven’t posted a blog in a while because I’ve been so busy teaching my  online Elementary 2 English class to my students in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Turns out that putting together ESL lessons for presentation online is pretty time consuming.  The class has been a lot of fun, though, and I’m happy to report that Elementary 2 is now complete. Elementary 3, with mostly the same students, will begin on Tuesday. I think I’ll be with these guys and gals until they graduate from Cambridge. 🙂

Guayaquil, Ecuador, where my students live. Hope I’ll be able to visit them someday!

I’ve kept busy with other things as well. I’m still helping Patricia with her work on immigration issues. Just this past week, I helped her put together a letter for a woman who is seeking a Fulbright grant. The grant is for an exciting film project that involves making creative documentaries about the migrant and refugee experience in Mexico. Hope she gets it!

Oh, and today I cast my vote in the 2020 US election. Arizona has a system where people living abroad can vote with absentee ballots by e-mail. Feels good to get that done. However your state does things, make sure and vote as soon as you can!

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  1. Thanks for he update Greg. I’m sure your students are feeling blessed to have you as their teacher. Big hugs to you and Patricia. Miss you. 💜. Janet

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