The Golden Rule: What exactly should I do unto others?

The Golden Rule seems so simple when we first hear it: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What could be simpler than that? But the more I’ve thought about it and actually tried to practice it in real-life situations, the more I’ve realized that as with many general principles, however valid the principle may be, the devil is in the details. Practicing the Golden Rule turns out to be not quite as simple as it looks at first. Continue reading “The Golden Rule: What exactly should I do unto others?”

Keeping the human element ever before our eyes

I appreciate everyone’s kind comments on my first blog entry. I’ve been thinking about what to say in my next entry, and what I keep coming back to something that feels so crucial to what I’m calling Golden Rule activism: keeping the human element ever before our eyes, focusing on the impact that our decisions have on actual flesh-and-blood human beings. I want share a bit of my personal evolution on this idea, using the issue of immigration as an example. Continue reading “Keeping the human element ever before our eyes”

Welcome to Golden Rule Activism!

This is a little blog I’ve created to express some thoughts that I’ve been longing to share with others. I don’t know what will happen over time with it, and I imagine that posts will probably end up covering a wide range of topics. However, I envision it centering mainly around three broad themes, which I’ll call here the foundation, the situation, and the call to activism. Continue reading “Welcome to Golden Rule Activism!”